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Creating Real Impact That Gets Real Results

A wise man once said, “You can tell a clever man by his answers and a wise man by his questions.”

As a leadership keynote speaker, Alesia asks the powerful questions that get to the root of issues that can hurt an organization’s performance. She goes beyond the fluff to provide practical solutions for dilemmas that executives and organizations face every day.

Alesia has a unique magic that connects her to audiences. Her approachable style and engaging delivery motivates participants to take action. Alesia’s innovative keynotes provide practical tools to increase effectiveness, improve productivity, strengthen relationships, and create a positive workplace culture.

Leadership Keynote Topics

Alesia customizes each presentation to fit the needs of the group and match the theme or goal of the event. Her leadership and organizational development keynotes are suitable for any size audience, and typically last 60-90 minutes. For more in-depth presentations, consider her leadership workshops.

Create Real Impact: Set the Standard

Set the standard for leadership in your organization. Your leadership brand is your signature, your style. Discover new ways of managing your brand to add value and get the results you want. Alesia shows you how to make your mark, and become a leader your employees will respect and your peers will emulate.

Generate Real Results: Influence Others and Create Results

Discover how to build a rapport that gets people to take action. This is more than just relationship-building. Alesia shares the 5 strategies for influencing others, so you can leverage those relationships to get the results you want.

Demonstrate Real Leadership: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Discover the secrets to getting through the make or break moments when tough decisions have to be made. This isn’t a discussion on leadership theory—it’s a how-to for applying leadership techniques, in real-world situations, to create the outcomes you want.

Early in my career I realized that having a great manager creates a positive impact on both my work—I actually wanted to work harder—and on my life outside of work. The opposite was true when working for managers who were less capable at coaching, managing, and developing their staff. I became less excited and less motivated, which carried over into my personal life. I found myself complaining more and transferring my dissatisfaction to the people I cared about most in my life—my family.

Simply put, a great boss makes a big difference in your life. PERIOD. End of story.

My passion and commitment to management, leadership and organizational development stems from that knowledge.



What People Are Saying

Alesia has worked with our organization for over 10 years and fits really well with our mission. She’s an amazing trainer, facilitator and story-teller—very warm and endearing, and an intuitive listener who responds extremely well in the moment. Participants are able to connect with her and she takes great care to help them understand the content or assessment tools, and then appropriately apply the learning.”

—M. Kimm, The Partnership Inc.

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