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The Solution for your Organizational Development and Leadership Dilemmas

Latson Leadership Group offers practical solutions to the most challenging leadership dilemmas. Our world-class programs include principles, practices and systems to enhance workplace culture. By improving leadership and teamwork, organizations can create amazing results.

Leadership and organizational development expert Alesia Latson founded Latson Leadership Group in 2006 to help organizations, executives, and employees succeed. Alesia has worked with a number of peer experts over the years, so the company is a collective of their experience and wisdom.

Areas of focus:



To enhance the success of organizations through leadership development, a positive workplace culture, and motivated staff.

Basic Principles

Real Leadership

Most people genuinely want to do their best work, and most leaders want to create a positive work environment. Unfortunately, things like budget cuts, staff reductions, and changes in priorities can get in the way. Real leadership requires acknowledging and dealing with these barriers, and creating a culture that makes people want to come to work.

Real Impact

Real impact means being a leader that inspires, appreciates, and motivates others to make a meaningful difference.

Real Results

The overall outcome for your executives and employees is increased goal achievement and personal fulfillment. And that leads to success for your organization!

A Note from Our Founder

Early in my career I realized that having a great manager creates a positive impact on both my work—I actually wanted to work harder—and on my life outside of work. The opposite was true when working for managers who were less capable at coaching, managing, and developing their staff. I became less excited and less motivated, which carried over into my personal life. I found myself complaining more and transferring my dissatisfaction to the people I cared about most in my life—my family.

Simply put, a great boss makes a big difference in your life. PERIOD. End of story.

My passion and commitment to management, leadership and organizational development stems from that knowledge.

I firmly believe that no one wakes up and says, “Today I am going to create conditions that will make my staff feel dissatisfied, disconnected and miserable.” Even though it’s unintentional, that is sometimes exactly what happens. By coaching managers and leaders at all levels and in a variety of organizations and industries, I have learned great respect for the dedication, focus and commitment it takes to manage people.

That’s why I collaborate with several partners and contributors to help executives and managers create work environments where their people can truly do the best work of their lives. The outcomes are structures and practices that produce strong leaders, teams and team members who are committed and produce remarkable results.

The business case is simple. An organization’s management and leadership practices have tremendous impact on productivity, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, stakeholder satisfaction and bottom line results. When all that clicks, you know that people are doing their best work.

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