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Executive CoachingDevelop Leaders You’d Want To Work For

Does your staff fear you or respect you? Do you create a work environment where employees feel valued and new ideas are welcomed? Would you want to work for a leader like you?

Those are some tough questions to answer, but if you’re honest with yourself, you may come to the conclusion that your leadership skills could use some refinement. Managing others requires tact, diplomacy, and patience. None of those are easy skills to master, but Alesia Latson can guide you to success.

Increase effectiveness

Alesia’s executive coaching service helps senior managers increase their leadership, interpersonal, and career effectiveness. She develops customized, results-oriented processes to match their individual performance with their organization’s goals.

Alesia has years of experience coaching top managers across many different industries. She is able to quickly recognize the unique professional challenges each client faces. Alesia uses proven strategies to develop solutions that are efficient and immediately actionable.

How it works

Every executive coaching engagement begins with a comprehensive evaluation. This includes both a self-assessment and a 360-degree interview process. These tools help identify the executive’s leadership and organizational challenges.

Alesia uses the information gained to identify concrete, measurable goals, and create a plan to reach them. She also helps clients improve their ability to assess and respond to everyday challenges.

Develop leaders you would want to work for.
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