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I am grateful for having been invited by so many organizations to help improve their management and leadership practices. To give you a sense of how I approach my work for my clients, and the kinds of outcomes you can expect, below are commentaries from a handful of clients with whom I have had multiple engagements.


We wanted to run her successful “More Time for You” program. People came out with a powerful tool that they can immediately apply. Alesia provided a nice format for email organization and work time management. “It feels good,” says my colleague who recently attended. Another colleague recommends it to all the people she can and says that it was the most useful seminar she’s ever taken. Alesia has a wonderful way about her. She is a very personable, high energy and dynamic person. She is a wonderful presenter; when she talks people really want to listen. She can quickly relate things participants say to what is happening in the wider business world. She walks the talk as far as what she presents.”

—M. O’Connor, New Balance

We brought Alesia as a Personal Brand expert for our IT Leader Development Program… Alesia “wow’d” the crowd and did a very nice job engaging the participants. From my own observations and the feedback I received I know that participants left the session feeling more empowered and with an overall better sense of self. What makes Alesia unique is that she is a dynamic presenter with a lot of heart. Participants gravitate towards her… she just has a nice presence.”

—R. Levy, Babson Executive Education

We engaged Alesia as a complement to our technically oriented leadership development program for high potential leaders. Her workshop provided an opportunity for the group to reflect on their leadership style and begin to more deeply understand both key concepts and finite nuances of organizational leadership. Alesia offered depth and breadth of content about the more subjective areas of leadership, transformed their perceptions, and helped them become more confident about growing as leaders in their own way. She made the art of leadership became less intimidating to them. What makes Alesia unique is her ability to engage with an audience. She creates a secure and comfortable learning environment. She knows how to quickly assess the needs of the group and match her delivery to the audience, redesigning content, style, tone and template in order to customize to the participants’ readiness and openness. Alesia has worked in well-established companies and is able to draw from sound experience, which establishes her credibility and commands the respect of the audience.”

—C. Manfredi, Benefit Advocacy Organization

Alesia is part of my faculty. She has worked with our accounting and audit divisions as an individual and team coach. I love that she brings herself to the table, using her own words and sharing examples from her own life to make the material real. When she works with a group, it doesn’t feel like a textbook lesson. She ran her personal branding program for 90 people from our accounting division and received phenomenal feedback. She also knocked it out of the park with our auditors. In another engagement, she helped our senior team become more aware as individuals and as a group, then coached us to see, understand and become more sensitive to how people approach things differently. To me Alesia is a teacher at heart. She helps people think through issues or situations, but doesn’t give them the solution. She gets underneath things without getting in the middle of them… she creates the process.

—M. de Ste. Croix, Leading Investments Company

Alesia has worked with our organization for over 10 years and fits really well with our mission. She’s an amazing trainer, facilitator and story-teller —very warm and endearing, and an intuitive listener who responds extremely well in the moment. Participants are able to connect with her and she takes great care to help them understand the content or assessment tools, and then appropriately apply the learning. As a presenter, Alesia is impactful and delivers tangible results. I have observed again and again workshop participants leaving the sessions with a much better understanding of who they are and how they show up in the workplace, which helps them improve their relationships with themselves, their peers and their managers. They become so much more strategic, flexible and adaptable so they can have a greater impact in the workplace.”

—M. Kimm, Non-Profit Talent Management Organization

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